Myths About Home Renovation

So you’re considering home renovation, maybe for the first time. Whether remodeling a kitchen or changing the tiling in a bathroom, prolonged construction in your home can seem like a less-than-desirable prospect. Although it certainly comes with its challenges, there’s a lot of misconceptions about renovations that can make the process seem more daunting than it actually is. Here are a few ideas about home renovations that are really just persistent myths.

  • You don’t need to hire a professional contractor for your home renovations.

The idea of saving money by skipping on professional expertise can truly be tempting. Renovations are costly affairs and every penny counts. You might know a thing or two about the builders’ trade and maybe you’re close with a handyman who’s promised to give you a hand. However, it’s often the case that big renovation projects are more difficult than they appear to the untrained eye. In the end, unexpected hurdles and lack of true workmanship can cost you more time and money than a professional contractor. If you’re going for significant remodeling, hiring a construction company is the safest bet.

  • Your whole house will be a complete mess during the renovation process.

Let’s get something clear right off the bat. Yes, renovations are going to be a hassle for your family if you decide to stay in the home while they’re happening. There will be a little more chaos and mess than usual. However, reliable contractors know how to clean up after themselves. They will make clean-up a part of their daily work routine, which means that inconvenience will be reduced to a minimum. You should agree on your expectations and wishes before working commences so you can find a degree of serenity while it’s going on.

  • You don’t need a permit for home renovations.

It’s not always so immediately obvious what kinds of renovations require a permit and which ones don’t. Demolishing or adding parts of buildings generally require permits, as do changes to plumbing or electrical systems. In some cases, even changing the size of doors or windows might require planning permission, so make sure you take care of all these details beforehand lest you find yourself with unpleasant surprises during or after the work.

  • Most projects will be a lot more expensive than initially planned out in the budget.

It is true that initial estimations are just that, initial estimations. There are going to be unexpected circumstances that arise during construction as well as certain things that don’t go as planned. Sometimes materials will cost more than initially presumed. Of course, a reliable construction company will give an honest and fairly accurate quotation from the get-go. This means even with unexpected circumstances, the final billing shouldn’t be exorbitantly high. However, it is wise to set up a fund for unexpected costs and to include it as part of your initial budget.

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