The Advantages of Being EXOR Approved

If you’re looking for commercial builder works, first you must think about three magic words: efficiency, skill and safety. As an EXOR approved contractor, Breslin Construction Ltd. will not get in the way of your desires and it will ensure that your ideas materialize without any bumps on the road. As EXOR approved builders, a burden is taken from clients’ shoulders as it establishes that Breslin Construction Ltd. is a place you can trust, where you can feel safe and where legal issues will be taken care of in an efficient way. EXOR makes sure that the client will not encounter unwanted surprises and it will also grant a safe transaction between and client.

EXOR experts work with each of the contractors to make sure that their health and safety procedures are in good shape, so that they can guarantee a spotless track record. Each of the contractors accredited through EXOR are associated with the highest standards of the industry, making them at the top of their game with every client.  Last but not least, EXOR approved builders, such as Breslin Construction Ltd., are also part of a big net of contractors under the wing of the SafeContractor scheme which is approved by the SSIP (Safety Schemes In Procurement). It reviews and makes sure that health and safety policies are being followed step by step as well as procedures and documentation of all contractors. Auditors then make sure that financial records are double checked and that taxes are taken care of. Their work will ensure efficient and working financial operations while also maintaining a good relationship with its contractors, industry sector and awareness regarding the business size.

Efficiency, skill and safety guaranteed. It may be possible to find good quality commercial builder works, but Breslin Construction Ltd. can also offer all the perks of being approved by EXOR, working in partnership with Local Authorities to ensure legal requirements are always met. There is no denying that, when it comes to our home, trust is one of the pillars of a good deal, and that’s why, when in doubt, EXOR’s client portal will provide some comfort to ease your suspicious eye. See if the company you’re getting involved with is SafeContractor approved so you can even search through all the approved contractors’ database.

When trust goes both ways, efficiency, skill and safety are guaranteed.

Contact Breslin Construction Ltd. on 020 8679 1440 or send an email to

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