Should You Go for a Shower or a Tub in your Home?

Choosing whether to install a tub or a shower in your bathroom can be a big decision, not only for your priorities but also for future buyers or tenants you plan on having in the home. Generally, the shower vs. tub debate is centered around who is going to live in the home, as well as financial and ecological concerns. Let’s take these parameters one by one, so you know all the factors involved in making a decision.

  • What’s Already In the House

If you already have a tub in the house, pause before taking it out and replacing it with walk-in showers. If you only have one bathroom with one tub, keeping the tub will increase the range of possible buyers, as families with small children or expectant couples are going to prefer homes with tubs (it’s quite hard bathing a toddler in a shower without getting soaked yourself!).  In such cases, having a combination shower/tub is the most sensible option.

If you have more bathrooms in the property, you might want to swap a tub for a shower in at least one of them, that way you have a variety of options. Showers are especially suited to smaller bathrooms, as they provide more space to move in and get changed in.


  • Who Is Using the Bathroom

As mentioned in the first point, it’s important to know just who is going to be using your bathroom. Young professionals are going to prefer walk-in showers, families with children are going to prefer tubs. Elderly people and disabled people generally prefer showers, as they’re easier to get in and out of. In the case of elderly or disabled buyers, also having railings for safety can also boost your price as this is what people are looking for.


  • Energy Efficiency

On the whole, showers are definitely cheaper than baths. They use up less water and less heating (all the water in your bath needs to be a nice warm temperature-or mildly scalding for some people). Investing in a shower will greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home and halve your bathroom costs.

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