How To Tell You’ve Got a Great Builder

Finding a builder these days has become easier than ever. A simple search on Google will reveal your many options when it comes to reliable construction in your local area. But with all of these options, the problem then becomes selecting the very best. Of course, you may be able to find online reviews of the construction companies you’re vetting, but these aren’t always reliable. There’s no sure way to know if they’re genuine reviews in the first place. But no fear, there are a few things you can look for as evidence that you’re dealing with a great builder:

  • License and Insurance

Licensing is an important indicator of seriousness and quality workmanship. A license ensures that your builder went through the training necessary to be competent in his trade and to become aware of all safety issues connected to his work. This means you can expect a professional and lasting finish. If your builder is also insured, that’s another indicator of professionalism and foresight.


  • A Proper Quote

We all know construction projects tend to be on the pricey side. A high quote can be overwhelming at first, which is why many builders will quote you low and then add a lot of other elements along the way. This might make you feel better initially, but it will only produce surprise and anxiety later on. A great builder will give you an honest and realistic quote from the get-go. This will help you plan for the expense and manage it more easily. Realistic quotes are a sign your builder can be trusted and relied upon. Obviously, make sure that quote is written.


  • A Contract

This is an important part of any working relationship, but especially building, as the relationship between builder and client is likely to be of some time and the construction itself is a costly investment. A contract should be detailed and clear, outlining all reciprocal expectations, timelines, and budget for the job. A great builder will be eager to set up a contract (he might even suggest it himself) and will give you plenty of time to review it and make amends before the work starts.

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