When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

So maybe you’ve had your kitchen for a while now, or your current house wasn’t brand new when you bought it. In any case, you’re wondering if it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets. The issue may be one of style, functionality or both. But if you’re unsure, don’t worry; there are tangible signs you can look for that signify your cabinets really need to be replaced as soon as possible. Let’s consider some of the factors that go into this decision.

  • Damage from Water

A common reason for changing your cabinets is the presence of water damage. This can manifest in many ways, most commonly dark spots on the material, swollen parts and difficulty closing or opening. The water damage can be at varying levels of severity, with the worst being bubbling in the cabinets, de-laminating on the outside, or the cabinets beginning to mold. In most cases, replacement is necessary at this late stage of water contamination.


  • Impracticality

Sometimes even the original cabinet design wasn’t very good. Perhaps the cabinets have too much depth, making it hard to reach items found at the back. Perhaps still they open at an awkward angle and the doors bang against each other, making it difficult to access them properly. If your cabinets are frustrating you daily, a change is probably in order. Persisting in something that is cumbersome is really not worth the trouble.


  • Presence of Mold

Mold is definitely a bad sign on your cabinets. Generally, it is caused by a water leak somewhere and can accompany signs of water damage. Small pockets of mold can be removed with little hassle, but if the problem has become generalised, substitution is a better option than repair.

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