How To Decorate a Room With a Fireplace

A fireplace is always an impactful addition to any room. It quickly leads the attention of the viewers to it and can be a source of community for the people who live in the house and any guests that come into it. Given these conditions, it can be hard to know just how to decorate the room it’s in appropriately. What kind of furniture goes in it and where should it be placed? These are all facts that we will consider in the following article.

  • Find the Fireplace that Suits Your Space

The room you put your fireplace in can be big or small, and have varying types of light sources and decor.  All of these details need to be considered when thinking about the fireplace position and type. For example, in a smaller space, you might want to consider a wood burning stove. These generate a lot of heat and are thus quite useful in small spaces, as well as being easy to place in a corner out of the way if necessary.

  • Be Mindful of Design

Fireplaces can come in many different designs and styles. You’ll want to look for a fireplace that matches your own personal style and fits with the other furniture in the room. You can have fireplaces made of iron, steel, brick, marble, stone and much more. Make sure you consider things carefully as the fireplace will be hard to ignore once it’s in place!

  • Make it the Focus of the Room

By arranging furniture appropriately, you can make your fireplace the center of your room. Try and place sofas opposite the fireplace. You can place chairs near the fireplace itself, but do so at an angle, so that people sitting in them may read or speak comfortably while getting warmed up. Make sure furniture arond your fireplace is situated so as to make the hearth the center of the communal life in the room instead of just another feature. You can also accentuate your fireplace by placing a television on top of it, this will make the focus of the room double.

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