Have you ever heard the term “open floor plan”? If you haven’t, you still probably know what we’re talking about, because open floor plans are everywhere. In short, it’s the idea of removing walls and barriers between several areas of the house, especially kitchens, sitting rooms and dining rooms. In other words, these once separate rooms are all connected by an “open floor”. So why the rise in popularity of this style choice? What are the pros and cons of an open floor plan?


  • More Natural Light

With less walls, there are less barriers to the light from outside. If you’ve got big windows or a patio area linking your sitting room with the outside, the light will naturally flow into the kitchen and dining room as well. In fact, windows in every part of the open floor plan will contribute to the general light, giving the space a bright, airy feel that is sure to delight inhabitants and guests alike.


  • A Feeling of Greater Space

So technically speaking, whether you have walls or not, the space in your home is more or less the same, although removing walls does give you a bit more of it. However, as with all things, space is often a matter of perspective. If you remove the walls separating rooms, your home is automatically going to feel bigger. Upon entering your home, people will be  met with an instant feeling of spacious freedom and light.


  • Having Guests is Easier

Open floor plans make entertaining guests much easier than it used to be. That’s because there’s no awkward barriers between kitchen, dining room and sitting room. You can continue decorating the cake while engaging in the conversation going on just a few feet away, or lay out all your snacks in the kitchen area so you can keep mess to a minimum.



  • No Control of Smells

Open floor plans connect different parts of the house. Unfortunately, that also means that the kitchen is not separate from the sitting room and that includes all unpleasant cooking smells. It can be hard to sit idly on the sofa enjoying a film or book with the heavy smell of fish or curry lingering in the air. Sometimes it’s nice just to shut it all away.


  • Increase in Noise

The openness of the space also generates a sharp increase in noise pollution. Things happening in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the dining area and the sitting room will all reverberate off each other and it can be difficult to isolate noise to specific areas. You might just have to retreat to your bedroom for some peace and quiet.

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