The Best Flooring for Your Bedroom

The floor is one of the most essential things in your home. It is probably the part of the house that you most often come into contact with. Especially important is the bedroom flooring since it is the first and last thing that your feet come into contact with during the day. That is why it is important to consider what kind of bedroom flooring you choose taking into account the look, pricing and a lot of other things.



The laminate surface consists of a thin piece of a natural material. That is why with laminate you don’t have to worry about maintenance and damage issues. It is a facsimile of wood or stone rather than the real thing. It comes in a variety of colours and textures. It helps you to match it with your bedroom style. Quality of laminate is also something that you don’t have to worry about.  The problem is that it is not as resilient, and it will fade over time. This means that after a few years you’ll have to replace it.



Carpet is probably the most popular bedroom floor surface. The reason is simple – it is very soft and warm. It also offers an endless variety of choices to fit any decor. Additionally, carpet can provide a certain amount of insulation for the space that helps to isolate the room from outside noises. This can be very helpful if you have grown up kids who play games or watch TV at night. Cost for lesser-quality materials is low, although for higher-end ones it increases significantly. Also, you have to be aware that carpeting has a shorter lifespan. The negative side of carpeting is that it’s hard to keep it clean due to its attraction for dust and small microbial organisms.



Hardwood flooring, as a classic option, works with almost any master bedroom style from traditional to farmhouse to contemporary. It’s not as soft as carpeting, but definitely more than tile and stone alternatives. On the other hand, its surface is very easy to clean and resistant to allergens. The con is that it can be very noisy, and it has little or no insulation.



As it becomes more widely available, cork is starting to gain popularity as bedroom flooring. It is soft and spongy, and it rises up to cradle each step you take. Cork is made from ground cork that is shaped into tiles. It has a natural look with a pleasing texture. Cork flooring also has sound buffering properties which make it an excellent alternative for the bedroom. It is an eco-friendly material that is biodegradable. The problem is that it is a relatively soft material, which will easily scratch and damage. Bad idea if you have a cat in your home. You have to replace it periodically, and it is somewhat expensive. More extended lasting cork floors cost as much as many hardwood options.



Vinyl is probably the easier floor to install so you can do it yourself. You have to know that vinyl flooring is no longer the cheap alternative that it was years ago, but a stylish statement of its own. Yet it’s still the most affordable master bedroom flooring option. Vinyl accurately reproduces the look of nearly any material, pattern, or colour. It is also very easy to care for. You will probably just have to sweep or vacuum the floor clean every week or so to remove loose debris. The con to vinyl is that it is relatively bad for the environment. Its production uses non-renewable petroleum resources while requiring the expenditure of energy.

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